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What is iGym?

At iGym, every flip, tumble, and twirl is a step towards a healthier, happier childhood. Our gymnastics programs are more than just routines; they're adventures in development, confidence-building, and, of course, having fun. With our skilled coaches and Gymnova's top-of-the-line gear, we've fashioned a place with limitless opportunities.

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Meet Our

Redha - Coach at i-Gym


Ahmad - Coach at i-Gym


Serge Majed - Coach at i-Gym

Serge Majed

Master Coach at i-Gym

Rustam Garifulli

Meet Our Coaches | Maria Paseka - IGym

Maria Paseka

Our Mission

Early exposure to an active lifestyle increases the likelihood of adopting healthy habits later in life. By giving kids this superpower early on in life, we aim to lay the groundwork for a future where they can leap over challenges, flip through life's adventures, and land on a cushion of strength and self-assurance.

Our vision

At iGym, we envision a world where every child is equipped with the superpower of an active lifestyle from the start. We believe this encourages them to foster healthy habits early on, providing the foundation for a future filled with resilience, confidence, and boundless possibilities.

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